Here are a few examples of testimonial emails and letters we have received:

greenchecktestimonialsI have used the Apollo 7500T, the AtomiZer™ since it first came out.  I liked that it works perfectly with my existing air compressor so I can get multiple uses out the same equipment.  After all these years, storage and shop space have become a limiting factor; plus I don’t like wasting money.

The gun is easy to use and has several enhancements to control the finish, like volume of finish, air pressure and cone dimension and direction.  The gun fits well in my hand so I don’t get tired during the application.  I use the 600cc gravity feed cup; cleanup is painless and fast.  I do wish there was some way to tell how much finish you have left in the cup; but that’s a nit.

I set my gun up with two pressure gauges: one to read the cup pressure (the finish is under pressure, which I believe leads to a more uniform spread) and another gauge on the air intake line to monitor nozzle pressure (this makes a big difference in the finishes’ finish, allowing me to moderate air pressure and volume to reduce orange peel or blush.)  If somebody tells you that he gets a final finish off the gun, I’d suggest he try rubbing out the finish after it has dried thoroughly.  That said, this Atomizer gets it as close to final as I have gotten with any spray gun.  I like it a lot.

Jay Davidson

greenchecktestimonialsI LOVE my Apollo spray system.  For the hobby woodworker, I get professional looking finishes on my furniture pieces.  It sprayed the finish on the county fair best of show woodworking project.  I have no problems with it at all.  Just need to use it more.  The day job gets in the way.  I tell and show my friends my Apollo ECO-4.

James Cochran
Crockett, TX

greenchecktestimonialsI have an Apollo HVLP spray gun and the matching twin turbine blower.  Love the unit.  I spray stain and clear finishes with it and the finished product is great.  I have even sprayed latex paints and had excellent results. Here in Arizona you have to keep the air intake to the turbine in a cool area otherwise the air leaving the gun gets too hot. I have even ran a length of hose through an ice bath.(moisture is not a problem with relative humidity here is below 10%).  When I needed parts, I called the support number and spoke to a person who helped me order the parts I needed to get my gun back in spraying condition again.  I would recommend their products not only because they are great tools but, because they support their products.

Anthony Romania

greenchecktestimonialsI purchased my Power-3 in May 2016 but due to life events, I was just able to set up my spray booth and use the sprayer in July 2017. After a few minutes of operation, I heard what sounded like ice in a blender coming from the sprayer.  Upon inspection, it was clear the fan shroud had come in contact with the fan (turbine) wheel.  I was a bit anxious as I was right in the middle of a large order and needed to finish 32 items.  I called Apollo’s customer service number and was immediately assured they would cover the damage under the warranty and if I was very careful, I could use the unit to complete my finishing requirements until the new Power-3 was delivered.  Unfortunately, the replacement unit had suffered the same type of shipping damage.  I called Apollo and they were quick to schedule pick up of the damaged replacement unit and put another in the mail to me.  In what can be called a stroke of bad luck, the next unit was also damaged during shipping.  Sally at Apollo was very apologetic and immediately shipped out a third replacement unit.  The unit arrived in perfect condition and works flawlessly.  Apollo certainly stands behind their products and provided unparalleled customer service.  From phone calls to emails, Sally was 100% responsive and always made me feel like I was her only customer of the day…..a rarity in customer service I’ve experienced with other companies.  I highly recommend Apollo products, not simply because they are well made and work great, but also because they proudly stand behind their warranty and their customers!

Thank you again for all of your help!!  I extremely happy to be “up and running again.”


greenchecktestimonialsI am a complete novice when it comes to spray painting. I bought the Precision 5 system so I could have no excuses about inferior equipment. I am so pleased with the turbine and gun. I have completed my first project and the results are far better than I expected considering my experience—the finish looks great.

I am completely thrilled with the system.

John Robertson

greenchecktestimonialsI bought an ECO 4, and substituted an Atomizer 7500Q for the air gun, probably over a year ago.  I’ve been busy traveling, but more over intimidated by the thing.  I’ve watched countless video’s on YouTube about Apollo HVLP and other systems.  I’ve been afraid to try it mostly because I don’t have a support group around to help with questions.

Well, a couple of weekends I ago I dove into it.  I had modeled a project out of pine first before building it in hardwood.  This is clear pine and oddly enough, looks pretty good.  My wife wanted the project a dark brown.  I choose to dye the wood rather than just stain.  I used the General Finishes Dye/Stain. (1.0mm needle/nozzle and B cap)  It turned out okay, albeit darker than I had hoped (learning curve).  My biggest concern after I set the gun down for a short time was the total amount of product that was dripping out of the front.  I had opened the pressure release in the quart pot, yet the gun looked like it had a runny nose.  When I disassembled the gun, there was product everywhere; in places I would not have thought it should be in.  I did not spray any more dye after cleaning it that first attempt.

I called the support number on 3/13 and spoke with Sally.  She was great in helping me with my problem.  She had spoken with her techs and later called me back asking if a fan control seal was in backwards.  It is the extremely thin white plastic ring, the last thing that can be disassembled from the front.  I removed the seal, but unable to tell if it was installed correctly, or not.

On 3/15 I get a follow up call from Bill Boxer of Apollo.  I had originally spoke to him when I was looking to buy my ECO system.  Bill wanted to review the whole incident and application.  Then I told him I was about to finish the project with the General Finishes Eduro Clear Poly.  First, Bill wanted to point out the needle/nozzle and cap were too large given the thin dye and the 9.0 PSI of the ECO 4.  He suggested a 0.5mm needle/nozzle along with a CC cap if I were to spray the dye again.  He thought that may also have contributed to the mess and product everywhere since there was so much pressure.  But, more importantly Bill wanted to discuss my topcoat.  The GF Enduro poly; he recommended the 1.0mm n/n, B cap.  I just want to say for the record, WOW!  This sprayed beautifully!  It gave me a finish in 3 coats that has staggered me.  We can’t tell this finish apart from a ‘factory’ finish.  Maybe I’m easily pleased, but my wife isn’t necessarily.  She loves it too.  I would like to say THANK YOU to you and your support group!  Bill and Sally were personally engaged with my problems.  It’s great to have AMERICAN support!

On a second subject;  I spoke with Bill in regards to classes or workshops (for woodworking).  I would gladly pay to travel within the Midwest, pay the hotel, and even a tuition if an HVLP workshop were available.  As I said earlier, I have NO support group around me except the internet, and you know there is no lack of mis-information and opinions there…  I believe I met Bill a few years back at the Woodworking Show in Indianapolis.  Although that forum is okay, I would love a real class with a small enough size you get questions answered and tips/advice on my own skills.

John A Bush

greenchecktestimonialsGreat product at a great price and supported by great customer service.

Ezra Wyche
greenchecktestimonialsI have one of your HVLP spray guns I got about 15 years ago.  It works awesome and I’ve never had a problem until I ruined the tip and needed help in getting a replacement part.  Thank you very much for your help!  Your customer service has been exemplary.

Jesse Starkman

greenchecktestimonialsAs a long time Apollo customer, I just wanted to say that for fine cabinetry staining or refinish spraying, all the way up to a high solid paint spray, my 4-stage turbine is the best around. This is my second Apollo sprayer. My first one lasted 8 years of full time spraying before it was retired. The new series is quieter, atomize product perfectly, and has enough power for two spray gun use at once!

The guns are easy to use, clean, durable, have an excellent spray pattern and very versatile! Unlike airless sprayers that are loud and use mass amounts of product, the Apollo guns can be dialed down to act like an air brush if needed and the new turbines are much quieter. If you are a novice to the spraying industry, I suggest purchasing Apollo products for excellence, durability and great customer service!

James Panek   Owner, WoodWorks

greenchecktestimonialsI have been using Apollo Sprayers and turbine’s in my small business for 20 years. I have never had a problem with any Apollo equipment and when I have ordered parts the service has always been courteous and fast. I always recommend Apollo to anyone I talk to about quality finishing systems.

Dennis B.

greenchecktestimonialsHaving the Apollo sprayer has made my job easier. I save so much time not dealing with clogged up sprayers anymore. I own a furniture store and use my sprayer with my turbine at least once a week.
Thank you!

Jayne Blair, Owner
Second Chances Barn

greenchecktestimonialsPurchased a spray unit in 11/05/99 and have never had more than a very few minor problems, which were solved with a phone call to your “tech” department. Did purchase a new gun just for backup. Have never used any other spray unit and don’t know why I would want to try one. Happy with the Apollo unit. It is the 800 with a spray gun and quick release cup. Even my daughter has used the unit many times with absolutely no problems. Just a great product and the support is just the same.

Allan G. Sprout — Custom Wood Products and Cabinetry, Inc — Davenport,, Iowa

greenchecktestimonialsAs a woodworker, I chose an Apollo HVLP system for a number of reasons: the quality of their product, the quality of their support, and the quality of my results.

Apollo is one of the leading manufacturers of HVLP systems used in industry, and they’re built in California. I found the quality of my three-turbine HVLP system to be outstanding; powerful enough to spray latex paint without thinning, yet relatively quiet and comfortable to use for extended periods, thanks in part to the excellent E7000 gun.

My service experience with Apollo was equally outstanding. As I was researching before purchase, I read a review that noted an accessory which Apollo actually discontinued (a cone-shaped cup). When I received my HVLP system and noticed the cup wasn’t included, I contacted Apollo service and they went above and beyond, promptly shipping me an upgraded version of the cup at no cost!

At the end of the day, though, it’s all about the quality of the finish. Here, the Apollo system really shines. Finish quality is consistent, with minimal wasteage, and my projects have never looked better.

Thanks again!

– Ryan Galloway
Seattle, Washington

greenchecktestimonialsI’m the owner of Better Kitchens and Baths custom cabinetry in Huntington Connecticut . Hands down the most consistent and even spray gun I have used in the past 10 years. With the pressurized 1000cc gravity cup and a large tip and needle I’m able to spray the thickest of milk paints on all types of furniture and cabinetry, and with a quick change I can spray the thinnest of stains and lacquer. I truly love using this gun with my 5 stage turbine.

I’m actually going to add a 3rd gun to my line up as I’m slowly replacing all my older HVLP guns with the Apollo 7500 guns.

The customer service is fast, accurate and very knowledgeable too.

–  Gene

greenchecktestimonialsI’ve owned a ECO 5 Stage with the E7000 sprayer for 2 years now and I’ve used it to spray latex and oil based paints.  I’ve thinned some but also sprayed straight latex paint with great results.  I like the air adjustment that adjusts the spray pattern from fan to round.

The long hose helps keep the unit farther away from the sprayer.  The E7000 is simple to clean and keep clean.   I’ve had one issue with the sprayer and Apollo came through with a replacement part at no charge.  Great product and great customer service to match!

-Bruce Ringrose
Auburn, IN

I would highly recommend Apollo products to anyone looking for a high quality HVLP spray system.  I have had several units for over 12 years and only recently did I have to replace the vacuum motors.  These units are used almost daily and sometimes they run for 8 hours straight in our shop.  The guns spray very nice and leave a gorgeous finish on our cabinet doors.

I especially like the way you can dial down the product flow and adjust the spray pattern from very fine to a wide pattern. We have used many different manufacturers HVLP systems and I always end up right back with my Apollo units.

Customer service is always available to assist as needed with questions and or parts.  We have sent in a few guns to get worked on and the turn around time is very quick.

-Andy Rozo

Thanks just what I needed to know! I have an ECO3 unit with the 7500GTO on the way.  Thanks again for your info and patience. Great thanks for the clarification I really appreciate your willingness to always provide timely information. Great customer service that does not go unnoticed!


I purchased your Atomizer gun and I’m very pleased with it. I used it on some furniture and it performed great. Its fun to use. I have a big job coming up in April and I’m anxious to use it again. The adjustable fan is my favorite feature.

-David Cercone
Jacksonville Beach, Fl

 Just wanted to thank you and everyone at Apollo for your fine product and customer assistance. Parts and technical calls are always satisfied quickly. I estimate that I have run my 800 turbine several thousand hours with zero problems I own The Wood shed Cabinet shop and Slay-Frame stringed Instrument stand Co. For 15 years I have used the 800 turbine and 5510 gun for all my finishing. I spray mostly vinyl sealer and Conversion varnish. I get many comments on my great finish. The system is perfect for a shop of my size. My hope is to someday be able to purchase the new atomizer gun and 4 stage turbine.

For photos of my work go to:

Thanks again
-Duane Slaymaker

My name is William Stokes, and as a hobbyist, I have been using a 1000 turbine with a 5225 gun that I bought in April of last year and marveling at its quality, versatility and consistent results. I have painted with what I considered to be a fine conventional spray gun for many years, and the differences are truly appreciable…

…I have a friend who is a professional paint and body man, and now he is hesitant to put his best work up against mine and he is painting in a filtered down-draft booth! I don’t imagine he will wait too long to buy your system-he has seen the results, and he knows, as I do, my only advantage is in your equipment!

Thank You for a great product,
-William Stokes

For the past 7 years we have had problems in the production spraying of major end items, as well as small parts. Paint adhesion test failure has also been a problem. We even contracted a $300K paint system which we still haven’t received, as it’s tied up in red tape. We received your Apollo 1200 units, My Program manager wasn’t impressed. We then started using them. Within a month of receipt, that same manager has only good things to say about your units, WHY? Here are the reasons.

Small parts are being processed thru the finishing shop as fast as they are received. This is the first time in 7 years.
Less than 1% of the finished products fail the adhesion test and this failure is due to extreme high temperature.
Paint and coating material cost is down by 50%.
Air filters in the paint booth now last for 6 months or longer. We haven’t had to replace them since we started using the Apollo 1200, versus every 30 days when we changed them before.
We no longer need the $300 K paint system. Mr. Maxey the AMCOM man here in Egypt is going to replace the Paint systems in all American supported facilities here with Apollo units. Now that’s quite a big deal , as you beat out Graco. Air-vetter, Binks and the rest of the boys.
Good luck. You have the best system on market for our money.

-Regards John C. Fausnacht

 I now own two appollo spray guns. a A5610 purchased March 2006, and a A5520 pruchased Sept. 2006. They have both seen considerable usage spraying all types of materials on all types of surfaces. I am particulary pleased with the manner in which they handle the water based products. I have had great success spraying a water based lacquer product on interior wood doors. I have been doing considerable sub- contractor work and everybody has bben extremely happy with my finished products. I had experience with HVLP prior to my purchase of Appollo Guns, and I am happy to report that they are superior. I am still using my original Cap Spray Turbine, but rest assured as soon as it gives up the ghost I will be purchasing an Apollo. Thanks for the great products and service and keep up the good work.

-Richard J. Spotts (Dick’s Frame Shop)

Thanks just what I needed to know! I have an ECO3 unit with the 7500GTO on the way.  Thanks again for your info and patience.

Great thanks for the clarification I really appreciate your willingness to always provide timely information. Great customer service that does not go unnotice