• Limited Edition GOLD AtomiZer Spray Gun

    In honor and celebration of 50 years manufacturing HVLP Turbospray technology, Apollo Sprayers International, Inc. has manufactured a limited edition of the award winning 7500 Atomizer HVLP Turbospray gun. There 

    Posted at July 18, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Refinishing a Traditional Table with Apollo HVLP

    Thomas S. Stockton for his Traditional table….Congratulations Thomas, the finish was great and the inlay awesome also!

    Posted at June 26, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Spraying Latex Paint with HVLP Systems

    HVLP systems are not designed to spray heavier bodied latex paint. However, with some understanding you can successfully do so. The viscosity (thickness) of latex paint makes it hard for 

    Posted at June 8, 2016 | Categories : News
  • How to use Fillers – When Smooth isn’t Smooth Enough

    There are two kinds of ‘fillers’ – putty type fillers used to fill scratches, dents, and holes in wood, and grain (aka pore) fillers that serve to level out the 

    Posted at May 20, 2016 | Categories : News
  • NACE, August 11&12 at the Anaheim Convention Center Booth 445

    Visit us at NACE, August 11&12 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Booth 445. We will demo the fantastic TURBOPRO. Learn more about our paint spray systems and guns to save 

    Posted at May 4, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Spraying Oil Finishes

    So why would you use an oil finish? Many folks like the ‘close to the wood’ look of thinner oil finishes, it’s just getting the final sheen even and clear. One 

    Posted at April 18, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Testimonial from Chip Wade on Twitter

    Thanks for the great tools and products @Woodcraft @KregToolCompany @KennedyMfg @apollospray #EllenDesignOnHGTV  @ChipWade   Mar 09

    Posted at March 10, 2016 | Categories : News
  • The Precision 5 Series Shipment

    Hvlp-Apollo Sprayers International  turbines and accessories are back in. Precision-5 Series follows.

    Posted at February 18, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Apollo ECO-MINI selected 2nd place Reader’s Choice

    Apollo ECO-MINI selected 2nd place Reader’s Choice in a recent readers survey in Woodworkers Journal.

    Posted at January 31, 2016 | Categories : News
  • Early Ads for Apollo Paint Sprayers, Celebrating 50 Years

    Spray a fine coating while wearing a fine fur coat- from our collection of early ads.  It is amazing what advertising was like in the early days of the company. 

    Posted at January 16, 2016 | Categories : News
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