APOLLO SPRAYERS are proud that our HVLP equipment is finding broad application across the automotive world. The benefit of less overspray and recorded savings of 38% on coatings with no finish compromise is just one. Imagine having portability if necessary and no need for dryers or filters since the air supply is clean, dry and continuous always. Spraying waterborne coatings is a dream with Apollo TrueHVLP Turbospray Technology. Add to the list less energy consumption and even less booth filter maintenance if used in a spray booth. Small wonder that Apollo Sprayers TrueHVLP Turbosprayers are trusted to restore the highest end automobiles to their former gloss and sheen and to achieve predictable results wherever and whenever they are used.

Apollo Model PRECISION-5 offers PRECISION features plus the atomizing pressure necessary to produce flawless results with all automotive coatings. Powerful, American-made Apollo Sprayers HVLP  Turbospray systems are respected throughout the world and were recently awarded #2 position in MOTOR CHINA magazine’s listing of “20 most innovative” products exported into China. Partnering an Apollo Power Series Turbospray system with the award-winning Apollo AtomiZer™ 7500GT spray gun enables the user to atomize automotive primers, base coats, clear coats, fleet paints solvent or waterborne  into a perfectly even spray fan while still achieving 80-90% transfer efficiency.

Industry Leading Advantages:

  • Calibrate HVLP turbo speed, see it on an LCD read-out and easily replicate the result, time after time
  • LCD displays atomizing pressure accurate to 0.10PSI
  • Pressure Control System  (PCS) controls motor speed, voltage and amperage worldwide, adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure
  • Precision FreeFlo™ Filter Warning indicator LCD.  Tells you when filters are restricted.
  • TBC™ (Throttle Back Control) Patent Pending, Idles motor for increased longevity.

If you haven’t yet enjoyed the TrueHVLP™ turbo experience, now is the time.